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September 29, 2012
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Bad Luck

You chuckled as Alfred made a fool out of himself, yet again. He really was an idiot sometimes, but one of your best friends none the less. There was a growling sound behind you that sent shivers down your spine. Then Arthur pulled up beside you with an amazing smelling pink frosted cupcake.

"Would you like it?" He asked, his smile a little sadistic.

You laughed nervously and pushed the cupcake away. "No thanks, I, uh, don't want to get a cavity. Too many of your delicious sweets can do that, you know," you gave a nervous smile.

With a sneer, the personification of England put away the treat. He turned to Alfred, the personification of America. "Come on Al, let's go home."

"No way!" Sneer Alfred, glaring at him, "You'll just try to feed me more of those poisonous cupcakes! I'm gonna hang out with __." He sent a seductive grin your way.

The pink haired nation growled again. "We are going home and you will eat my cupcakes!" He snapped, getting a death grip on the red eyed American before tugging him away.

"No!" He yelled, shaking his head. "Let go of me old man! I want to hang out with __!"

You just chuckled and shook your head. Alfred was nice, to you at least, but he was only a friend. Sadly, America didn't seem to realize that. He always flirted with you, making Arthur angry. The Brit loved that guy, though America seemed to want nothing to do with Arthur. You couldn't really blame him, though. Arthur was nice as well, when he wasn't trying to poison you with one of his pink frosted cupcakes.

A shiver went down your spine as you felt another presence. You spun on the heels of your feet, doing a one-eighty, in attempt to find someone. No one was there, which just worried you more. Your senses couldn't be that off. Sighing, you ignoring the feeling and continued your walk home. The paranoia of not having Alfred and Arthur walk you home was simply getting to you.

As you got closer to your house, the sound of footsteps became noticeable. "Hello?" You called out, getting no answer. Biting your lip, you sped up your walk. Almost home. Just through the park and you would reach your house. It was just paranoia. Alfred always talked so loud, because he was gone you were noticing the sounds of other people. Nothing was going to happen.

A hand touched your shoulder and you opened your mouth to scream, only to have it covered by another gloved hand. "Shut the fuck up! It's me idiot!"

Who's voice was that? You thought. You could have sworn you'd heard it before, but couldn't place it. Another shiver went down your spine as the hand on your shoulder moved to your hips, pulling the two of you closer.

"Alfred is an idiot, letting you walk home alone like this," he whispered into your ear. "Who knows what would have happened to you if I hadn't found you. Did you even notice the strange man following you?" He licked your ear shell. "I 'took care' of him though."

At feeling of his hand on your mouth loosening, you gasped out, "You what?" A million things went through your mind. What could "took care of" possibly mean? Alfred said he'd "taken care" of Francis when he'd sneaked into the girl's changing rooms, but you'd just laughed it off. The worst Al could have done was given him a bloody nose. He wouldn't actually kill someone, right? No matter how much he joked about taking his baseball bat and bashing someone's brains in. He had to be joking.

"I gave him exactly what he deserved!" He growled. "If I hadn't done anything he would have raped you in the park."

You blinked. A rapist? Someone was going to hurt you? This man, this voice that was so familiar but you couldn't place a face to, had saved you. "Thank you," you manged to get out.

"Whatever," his grip loosened on you and he pulled away. "It doesn't matter. I just didn't want Al to come crying to me when you were dead. He's a huge crybaby sometimes."

You turned and finally got a look at your savior. Blonde hair pulled into a messy ponytail, red jacket, violet eyes covered by black shades. A sick feeling came into your stomach as you realized you couldn't even remember. "Hello Matthew. Thank you."

The personification of Canada simply sneered. "Don't go and do that," he snapped. "I'm not some kind of hero. I just don't want my brother crying to me about you getting killed." He stared off into the distance, refusing to look at you. "Come on, let's get you home. With your fucking luck you'll attract some more creeps." Without waiting for a response, Matthew begin walking the short path through the back to your home. You had to hurry to keep up with his fast pace.

Soon enough, the two of you had made it to your home. Canada ran a hand through his already messy hair and nodded. "So, you're home. Just get inside so I can get out of here. I have better things to do than babysit you, ya know, eh?"

Getting onto your tiptoes, you pecked the Canadian on the lips. "Thank you for protecting me Matthew," you smiled. It didn't matter how tough Matthew acted, he was still kind inside.

Canada's checks turned a tint of pink and he looked away. "Whatever. I said I didn't do it for you. I did it for my favor."

"You are still my hero, Mattie. You still saved me."

"What the fuck ever! Get get inside!" He snapped, pointing to your door.

You squeaked and ran up to your front door, key fumbling in your hands as you tried to open it. As kind as he was, Mattie was still scary when he yelled.

He sighed. "You are hopeless, __." Matthew grabbed your keys and unlocked her door. "Now get inside."

You looked up to thank him only to came face-to-face with his deep violet eyes. You barely saw them, because he always wore those sunglasses, but they were more beautiful than you remembered. You reached up and kissed him once more.

This time, Canada wrapped his arms around your waist as a way of not letting you pull back. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. Matthew pushed his tongue through your lips, making you gasp and just giving him more access. Annoyed, you bite down on his tongue. Matthew only growled and bite down on your lip, earning a yelp.

After a few minutes, you pulled away gasping for breath. The blonde looked smug as he unwrapped his arms from your waist and made his way off the porch. You sighed. Of course he didn't care. Matthew was probably just playing with you as payback for always forgetting him. He probably didn't even notice you always felt guilty for that.

"Hey __!" You looked over your shoulder only to have your mouth captured by lips. Matthew pulled away, another smug smirk on his face. "See you tomorrow morning."


The Canadian rolled his eyes. "I can't have you walking to school alone," he snorted. "With your luck you'll get another rapist following you. Now get inside so I don't have to waste my time worrying about you."

This made you smile. Matthew cared about you. In his tough love way, but he still cared. "Thanks Mattie, you really are a nice guy."

He paused before snorting. "Whatever __."
This is an entry for :iconcountryxreader: min-icontest [link]

I hope it's good. It's my first time writing with the 2P!s but I really wanted to try it. I love 2P!Canada, America, and England so I figured I could use them all in one.

Thank you for reading. Please tell me if it's good or not. I know everyon has differnt opinions on 2P!s but I still want to know.

Plot (c) me :iconchildoftheblankpage:
Hetalia/2P!s (c) :iconyay-aph-plzes:
2P!Canada pic (c) :iconsukima-chan:
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